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With over 20 years of hands-on experience in the building services sector, we have a profound understanding of the challenges and complexities that managers face. Our tailored approach equips managers with the skills and knowledge to lead confidently, ensure compliance, and foster a culture of safety.

We specialise in mentoring managers within the building services industry, leveraging our deep expertise to address the unique challenges of this sector. Our mentoring programmes are designed to develop essential leadership skills, enhance effective communication, improve decision-making, and cultivate a supportive and safe work environment.

In addition to our mentoring services, we provide comprehensive reviews of your property management, maintenance, and development practices. Our thorough assessments ensure adherence to all relevant statutory requirements, helping you mitigate legal risks, enhance operational efficiency, and achieve regulatory compliance.

Furthermore, we offer expertly crafted workshops to embed safety into your organisation’s core values and everyday practices.


By focusing on behaviours, values, and practical strategies, our workshops foster a proactive safety culture, driving sustainable safety improvements and reducing risks. We are committed to helping you create safe, engaged, and resilient teams, providing peace of mind and regulatory assurance.


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David Lissah

Managing Director

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