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Statutory Compliance Reviews, Advice & Guidance

"We offer thorough reviews, advice or guidance of your property management, maintenance, and development practices, ensuring adherence to all relevant statutory requirements. Our expertise helps mitigate legal risks and enhances operational efficiency, providing peace of mind and regulatory assurance".

Assessing Maintenance Practices

We examine the current state of property maintenance practices to ensure they meet statutory requirements. This includes reviewing maintenance schedules, condition reports, and response times to maintenance issues, ensuring all practices align with legal standards and industry best practices.

Advising on CDM in Property Development

We offer specialised guidance on compliance with the UK Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM), which are crucial for property development projects. Our service includes advising clients on their responsibilities under CDM, such as the roles of the Client, Principal Designer, and Principal Contractor. We assist in ensuring that all aspects of construction safety and health are addressed from project planning through to execution. 

Evaluating Management Practices

We evaluate the management processes in place to ensure compliance with relevant statutory provisions and regulations. This involves reviewing tenant management practices, lease agreements, and health and safety policies, providing recommendations to enhance compliance and operational efficiency.

Reviewing Compliance Documentation & Record Keeping

We assess the completeness and accuracy of all compliance-related documentation and record-keeping systems. This involves checking for up-to-date and properly maintained records, such as inspection reports, maintenance logs, and regulatory submissions, ensuring they meet statutory documentation standards.

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